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7 Week Program including Coaching Total Value $997 for just $397 USD.

4 Payents available via Paypal.


The Zesty Girl 4:7 Health Program combines my thirty plus years of knowledge and passion for healthy living with my experience as a certified Health and Nutrition Coach to provide a program that addresses the four biggest frustrations women have around health and weight loss: 


1. Can you just show me exactly "how"! What do I need to do... step by step!

2. How do I keep the weight off long-term?

3. Why has my weight loss plateaued?

4. Can I reverse insulin resistance, high cholesterol to reduce the risk of disease and prevent medications?"


No books to read, no information to decipher - we have done all the hard work... let's just get you started!


Welcome to The Zesty Girl 4:7 Program. 


You will receive a weekly package, which includes the following:


1. Let's Get Started Video which includes the unique and realistic for women programme philosophies.

2. Your "done for you" Weekly Shopping List, Menu (Meal Plan), Recipes and Nutrition Notes.    

3. A weekly instruction video. I shop for the exact food, meal prep and cook with you. It's like hanging out with your best friend.

4. A weekly information sheet on health, exercise, routines, and healthy habits.

5. Direct contact with me for any questions.

6. 7 Program Principles and Information Sheets.

7. Free Inclusions - 


          ** BONUS OFFER 1 - Wk 8: Shopping List, Menu (Meal Plan), Recipes and Simple Instruction Video


          ** BONUS OFFER 2 - Printable Blank PDF's for your use.


          ** BONUS OFFER 3 - Use my tips to save on groceries. Across the 7-weeks you can save hundreds.




The Zesty Girl 4:7 Health & Weight Loss Program

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