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Finding the balance in your life

The things we carry, and what we can let go of

I recently started a conversation with my YouTube followers about how I find balance in my life. Like many women, I grew up being told that I could have it all, yet so many of us are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and like life is passing us by because we let the busyness of life get in the way of living in the moment and being present in our lives.

Every one of us is carrying around a set of invisible juggling balls that represent the things in life that are most important to us, our priorities.

These are mine:

· Love

· Career

· Home

· Finances

· Personal Development

· Health

· Friends

· Fun

Most of us will spend our lives desperately trying to juggle them without dropping any. But juggling is hard. Even the most capable and organised person can’t keep that many balls in the air without dropping at least one.

So, what's the solution?

These things are our priorities, the non-negotiable things that make up our lives, we can’t just drop them and forget about them.

But what if instead of juggling the balls, we found a way to align them in a way that makes our lives easier?

In my video, I lined up tennis balls representing my priorities on the table and guess what? They refused to line up neatly. While it kills the perfectionist in me, this is life. Every day we face unexpected challenges that force us to realign our priorities. Sometimes that challenge is something small and easily fixed and sometimes it’s a major life event that comes in and scatters our tennis balls in every direction, leaving us scrambling to reorganise them and forcing us to choose one ball we need to focus on for a while.

I’ve been balancing career and family for 18 years. I really wanted to be present as a mum, so I’ve worked hard on my personal development to create systems that allow me to be zesty, have fun and live in the moment with my family, without sacrificing other areas in my life. For me, presence is my ultimate goal.

By having these systems in place, when life presents me with a challenge, I can easily assess and recognise which one of my tennis balls is out of alignment and put it back roughly where it belongs. It may not be perfectly aligned, but we’re not aiming for perfection.

I created this video because as a coach and mentor..."

I am passionate about helping women who have lost their zest and are feeling like they’re passengers in their own lives because they’re too busy to be present.

If you’re interested in joining the conversation about finding balance in your life, check out my YouTube video on balance here and leave a comment!



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