Helping busy Mums overcome self-doubt so they can turn their passion into a profitable side-hustle while remaining family-focused.

My aim is to guide women and help them become successful entrepreneurs.

Hi, I'm Michelle and 19 years ago, I was where you are now.
I understand and I am committed to making your journey a whole lot easier...

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Hey there, I'm Michelle.
I am a Mum of 4, a corporate runaway, entrepreneur, health coach and business mentor.
In 2002, I started my journey of entrepreneurship, after the birth of my twins.
Today with four teenagers, I can look back at the last 19 years and feel so grateful for the 6-figure income I created through my side-hustle and how it gave me the freedom to be with my young family! 
It was a journey of hard lessons, disappointments, success, soul searching, personal growth and a whole lot more. 
With three successful businesses and 19 years of knowledge, and experience, let me make this journey easier for you and your family! 

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